Posted by: sapaudia | 08/04/2010

Easter 2010

If Dabo the weekend before didn’t *quite* merit the title “Season Opener” because of the fairly cold, on-off weather, then Good Friday’s ride (with Rob, Phil & Lucy, and my very own Melissa) certainly did. The weather was grand and there are few better places to enjoy it than in Switzerland’s Rhone Valley accompanied by the most knowledgeable trail connoisseurs in the area.

The highlight of the day was this lovely little number, starting from a village at altitude and finishing on the valley floor…

…fairly tight and fairly steep in places…

…drifty and whoopy in others…

I was loving being back on the “proper” bike in good weather and company, and could see that Melissa was also pretty stoked to be back (after her two years off!), so we were sure to make the most of the next decent biking weather; this was Monday, in Bourg Saint Maurice where we rode a selection of sunny aspect stuff and managed -by and large- to avoid snow. I also finally got some decent chestcam footage with the new toy. Result.

So, Easter 2010…the only eggs I got were fried ones, but the trails / people / seeing Melissa’s stokededness more than made up for it.

Right then April, what else ya got??


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