Posted by: sapaudia | 11/02/2010

Capturing the elusive 300

I’ve been working as a cycle messenger (/bike courier/whatever you wanna call it) here in Basel since the beginning of January. We get paid a percentage of the turnover that we generate. As with any job, there is a certain amount of learning the ropes. Getting to know the city well from a bike-riding perspective is a must but it’s much more:  getting to know the clients, or at least grasping the technical ins-and-outs of the jobs that they order and the premises where they work, is also key to success.

For me on the job, it has been quite up and down, both experience-wise (I will expand on these at a later date) and earnings-wise (see the graphic below).

Needless to say, January was not the highest earning month of my life. In fact it was my lowest-earning month since “records began”. I am told that this is normal for any cycle messenger. It would seem that the average daily (5 hour shift) turnover for a seasoned VeloKurier at our place is CHF300, which is the figure I finally surpassed today at my 12th attempt. Happy with that.



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