Posted by: sapaudia | 24/01/2010

Col de Prafleuri

A lovely tour in the sun with good company. Off the back of Mont Fort and down Phantom Couloir…

Phantom Couloir

…followed by a brief venture over the Col de Prafleuri…

Col de Prafleuri

…to within spitting distance of the Prafleuri cabane (this is proper Haute Route country).

Into a whole nother crazy valley

The route didn’t go 100% according to plan but we had a great day; it was a perfect example of the importance of the content of the day being outweighed by the “being out there in the mountains in the sunshine with mates” aspect.

Saying that, and although we didn’t accomplish exactly what we’d set out to do, I still thought it was a great little route. For another description of the day and more photos, see Rob’s blog.



  1. It was reet good.

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